What is the difference between the Wired for Reading Teacher’s Manual and Word-Wires?

The Teacher’s Manual is designed not only to be a guide for teachers while taking the class, but also to be a flexible source material for teaching phonological awareness, phonics skills, and word study strategies that can be adapted for whole class, small group, or one on one instruction. It is suitable for all Tiers of students using the RTI Framework, as the pacing and depth of the content can be easily differentiated.

The Wired for Reading Teacher’s Manual is only available as a part of the Wired for Reading Introductory Teacher Training class or by separate purchase by those who have completed it.

Word-Wires is a stand-alone word study curriculum. The intention is to provide every day, at your fingertips support for the general classroom teacher while also including differentiation suggestions for Tier 2 and Tier 3 small groups. Though taking the Wired for Reading Teacher Training Courses is highly recommended, completion of the courses is not required to purchase and use this curriculum.

Which level should I use?

The Word-Wires Foundation Curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Kindergarten and First Grade foundational skills and is designed for use in a Kindergarten Tier 1 classroom setting, with an intentional overlap for First Grade.

The Word-Wires One Curriculum is aligned with the Common Core First and Second Grade Skills and is designed for use in a First Grade Tier 1 classroom setting, with an intentional overlap for Second Grade.

The Word-Wires Two Curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Second and Third Grade Skills and is designed for use in a Second Grade Tier 1 classroom setting, with an intentional overlap for Third Grade.

While some of the lessons in these may work with older children, we recommend teachers use the Wired For Reading® intervention program instead, as the tone and pacing of the Word-Wires Foundation, Word-Wires One, and Word-Wires Two Curriculums are designed for use in Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third Grade classrooms.

How does Word-Wires differentiate for different learners?

It is a core philosophy of our program that all students benefit from learning the linguistic and phonetic underpinnings of the language. Additionally this allows for exploration and conversation between students with differing levels of reading and spelling skills.

It is essential that teachers differentiate to meet students’ varying levels in their classroom. We provide differentiated lists that follow the same general pattern but vary in complexity. Students who don’t need repetition should be applying learned patterns. Because of the cumulative and recursive nature of Word-Wires, students who are not yet automatic with a phonetic pattern should continue to learn new patterns with their class.

Is Word-Wires Common Core aligned?

Yes. If you would like a copy of the alignment, please email Natasha@wiredforreading.com

Who is Word-Wires designed for?

Word-Wires is designed for classroom teachers and includes all the materials needed to implement it.

Do I have to take the Wired for Reading® training to buy Word-Wires?

No. Word-Wires is designed as a stand-alone program, however the Wired for Reading® training is highly recommended.

Will I get a Word-Wires curriculum set at a Wired for Reading® training?

No, but Word-Wires curriculum sets will be available for separate purchase and are highly recommended for classroom teachers.

Can I buy the Wired for Reading Teacher’s Manual without attending a training?

No, it is included in the materials you receive as part of the training and is only available for separate purchase to Wired for Reading® alumni.

What assessments are included?

Word-Wires includes benchmark assessments to be administered in the fall, winter and spring. (Norms are not given as this is NOT a diagnostic assessment but are instead designed to inform the teacher and measure progress.) Unit Assessments, and checklists and suggestions for Classroom Based Assesments are also included.

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